Tuesday, October 30, 2012

W'n'Go Days 3,4

Day 3 hair ♥
Yeeeaaaah so I'm reeeeeallly eating my words right now. Wash'n Go's are NOT bad hairstyles for me, I just prefer day 2 hair and onwards. They give me that natural feel while that freshly done wash'n go just looks a little synthetic. Perhaps the more I do them the more "First Day Hair" will grow on me. About like how twistouts grew on me sooo yeah.

So let's do a recap of maintenance shall we?

On the first night, I banded into 4 ponytails for more elongation and stretch. Shea butter was used (just a dime-size) only.

Second night, Nelly was loosely banded into 2 bigger ponytails using a bit of shea butter as well.

Third night, Nelly was twisted into 6 chunky twists. Nothing added (too sleepy).
Day 3 Hair

Day 3 Hair

Day 3 Hair

We are currently on the fourth night and I think I may end up twisting it into 4 or 6 twists, but I think I'm gonna "try" to refresh it tomorrow. I don't necessarily know "how" to refresh cause I've never had a wash'n go last long enough for me to have to "refresh" it. But I'm sure I'll figure out how it's done and of course I will come back to report here of my triumphs (or failures :P).

Day 4 hair

Day 4 hair ♥

But I'm really excited about having finally aced a wash'n go (well, actually I've always 'aced' it, just never 'liked' it) and being able to love rocking it! Dare I say that wash'n go's are actually gonna be apart of my style more frequently and NOT just braidouts?

But wash'n go's are for cool weather mostly. I don't know if that's a bad thing, something to cause for a quick gasp (HAAAAAAAAA!!! *points shaking finger*) but I like wearing them in the cooler weather because I tried that wash'n go thing in the summer time and let me just say one thing:


-_-" No. That was too much hair soaking up too much heat around my face. I don't even wear my hair in braidouts in the summer, it's just too hot for that. Fall and Winter are usually when I really start to let my hair loose (and springtime as well). I know that's backwards, but I'm a backwards individual. Anyway, I won't hold you with my ramblings. Here's a progression of my wash'n go so far. It's for four days and I feel that did fairly well to have made it that far before I had to actually refresh it. (My idea of refreshing so far is to just start over again....have any tips??) So yeah, Mskraizy just may doing more of these more often! ;)

Big fluffy, COILY HAIR!!!!

Keep calm
& keep it Coily

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