Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just Ain't No Wash'n Go Chick...

I try so hard to love my wash'n go's ya'll. And majority of the time, they do come out fabulously. At least other people think so and it usually comes out pretty big and fluffy.

But I dunno. I just ain't the wash'n go type.

I guess I'm truly not fond of the "wet look" though it looks awesome on everyone else! Youtuber after youtube, forum after forum, pic after pic, I just always get drawn in to defeat the wash'n go. But, lately I've realized. It's not defeating the wash'n go. By the looks of it, I probably have it more mastered than I need to. It's just from the bottomest, most underneath-est part of my heart.....I just don't like them on ME.

They're too coily, too defined, too....synthetic. My hair looks like synthetic weave or something. Like it's full of S-Curl I don't know why I have issues with my own wash'n go but I just don't feel the urge to frequent them like I do with my braidouts and twistouts. Now those are styles I LOVE! The Pros for a wash'n go definitely includes the prep time. Takes little to nothing to do it. Dry time I suppose when I use a diffuser (but I'm partial to airdrying anyway), and I get to see my coils in action! :)

But that's about it. =/

It's not the shrinkage, I stretch the roots and the tangling is not a big problem for me come wash day either. I know how to deal with all the knotting and snagging and that's no big deal it's just......okay. From far away it looks GREAT. But I think for my face it's just kinda weird. Anyways, I won't prolong with how much I hate wash'n go's, I'll just get into what I did for this look. I'm pretty sure you're glad for that. =)

♥ Wash'n Go Routine ♥

  1. It started with an overnight deep conditioning of Olive Oil's ORS Replenishing Deep Conditioner. I saturated my curls in it!
  2. In the morning, I detangled it into eight twists using my Conair Shower Comb from so many years ago. lol Well at least since the start of my natural hair journey.
  3. Hopped in the shower to shampoo with Creme of Nature's Sulfate Free Argan Oil Shampoo. As the shampoo rinsed out I did a light finger detangling since it helps clump my curls and makes my hair ohhhh so soft! Twisted up that section and repeated with remaining sections.
  4. Out of shower, applied garnier's leave in in all sections and following up with an oiling and massaging of my scalp, as usual.
  5. Let it airdry. (I didn't plan on but I thought I had to work).
  6. On semi-damp almost-dry hair, i started. Since my hair was chock full of moisture, I just took down each twist, broke it down into two or three sections, misted with water and applied ecostyler's olive oil gel to each section. I fingercombed the gel through not using any type of detangling tool at all, just let my fingers feel for the clumps and to prevent any knotting or tangling.
  7. Continued that throughout my head and BAM! Wet curls and coils! =)
  8. By this time, i thought I was gonna love it.....and so we move onto step 9.
  9. Used a diffuser to dry and then stretched out the roots using a concentrator nozzle (tho you don't have to, you can just whip off the diffuser and use the blowdryer as is).
  10. Fluffed and fluffed and fluffed and pinned up the mutated front pieces and fluffed some more.
  11. Hiiiii wash'n go that I will not do anymore! =D

Nelly is oh so soft and well clumped and coiled to my liking I just do not like wash'n go's!! But I will not deprive you all of pictures. =) Here they are.

I will continue to wear it for the week, hopefully up until my next wash day. Perhaps I'll like it the older it gets. We'll see...

But until next time!!

Keep It Calm,
& Keep It COILY!!! ♥

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