Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 2 Wash'n Go Hair?

Kay, maybe next time I'll wait before I bash a hairstyle. ☺ Because this wash'n go turned out BEAUTIFUL on Day 2!

What I did on the night of Day 1 hair was simply put in four banded ponytails using shea butter to add softness, sheen and all that other good stuff. I would normally try to perfect the "Pineapple Method" but that doesn't work for me. Either my hair doesn't have enough weight to come back down or what, but it just leaves me with volume that I'm NOT looking for. So I steered clear of that method this time and went back to a method that I use and know it works for my hair.

Like I said just a simple stretching with the hair bands, covered with a satin scarf followed by a satin bonnet and turned in for the night.

Next day, I took down a section at a time and fluffed and it gave me the perfect look, for some reason! It wasn't too heavily defined and it didn't have that shiny "synthetic weave" look that I hate about my personal wash'n go's. It actually looked pretty natural to me and not like I just soaked it in S-Curl. Plus the banding stretched it out alot more and gave me that "bounce around my neck" that I love to have with my braidouts! It was sincerely.....perfect. ♥

So maybe this wash'n go thing IS for me. Granted, I probably still won't be doing them that often, but I think I'll do them more than once a year. lol

For tonight's maintenance, I put them into 2 loosely banded ponytails and covered with a satin scarf and bonnet and we shall see how it turns out tomorrow. ;)

Keep it Calm
& Keep it Coily....

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